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Brand IPO-TM®: eb™

REGISTRATION:  Under SIC 46460 as ‘Wholesale Of Pharmaceutical Goods’ at Companies House in England & Wales.

OFFICIAL ADDRESS: Long Elmes, Harrow, Greater London, HA3 5JY. United Kingdom. .



PURPOSE: BULK Wholesale Exporter of British Nutraceuticals


    • RESPONSIBILITY: To bridge the gap between various health sectors; the gap between nutritional RDA and diet, the gap of unique food supplement’s demand and supply, just to provide our products around the globe with a quality colloquial to required standards. Strong backgrounds of our directors will make the quality and regulatory backing assured according to British and European pharmacopoeia.
    • NATURE FRIENDLY: With generational experience in medicine and science, our expectations, efforts, and commodities aims to do more for a homeostatic life, we aim for a universal presence and modulate ourself for the services of various communities and the world around us.
    • POSITION ON HEALTH POLICIES: We continuously work towards updating and implementing our knowledge regarding supplements related health policies using various evidence based nutritional medicine publications, journals and researches. We understand the need of nutrition in various nations of sands or snow, and do our jobs with ISO, GMP (MHRA/EU/UK) accredited high quality natural and dietary supplement standards.
    • PRODUCTS: We subject our products to stringent quality testing as indicated by measures set by WHO and other wellbeing organisations. The dedicated Quality team is available to offer expert advice on all aspects of raw materials sourcing, formulation, and regulatory issues. Our products are made in UK, in BRC certified facilities, under MHRA/GMP standards. Packaging are also of best quality with UK certified materials.  
    • TRANSPARENCY: An honest environment is always and exclusively preferred by every employee of ours with every efforts for following business code of conduct. We always do meticulous work for a affordable pricing to match our customer’s financial expectations.
    • ASSISTANCE: The company more than happy to assist its consumers, for the peace of mind and smooth longevity amongst business partners and expand the corporate relationships responsibly.

Business Proposal
If you believe, that you can assist edi beryL, in becoming an integral part of following Health sectors: 
Pharmacy Supplier(s)/ Supplement Distributor(s)/ Local Govt. Nutraceutical Industry/ Gym & Modelling Industry/ Aesthetics & Beauty food Industry/ Logistics Chain Supply Industry; And, 
If you choose to register eb™ London in your Country(s) / Nation(s) as; 
U.K. Supplier/ Int'll Brand holder/ Merchandise Supplier/ National supplier / British Brand of Health & Herbal Supplements.

Kindly revert with official email address for further info.
If you wish to Business:
Kindly send us:
• Requirements (chosen products)
• Expected Prices
• Documentary Requirements for Brand & Product Registration in your County/ Ministry Of Health
• Your Company / VAT / ID or Passport Details
• Order Quantity (MOQ-50,000overall & 10,000/Unit)