About Director

Dr P Jha

ACADEMICS (CHRONOLOGICALLY): Schooling (A/A++ levels): CBSE. TERI GOI Green Olympiad Ranker. Computer Course: Aptech Instt. Certificate Clinical Research (CCR): Pune. Workshop Certificate For Cardio-Pulmonary-Cerebral Resuscitation. Bachelor of Medicine & Surgery (MBBS). Clinical Audit Certificate (pathway NHS). Doctorate (MD) In Clinical Internal Medicine. Dissertation: “Neuroprotective v/s Neurostimulating Approach To ALS with a proposal of therapeutic classification system TOS-ALS”. One Day Taught Course In Ophthalmology For Physician. Taught Course In Acute Medicine. Ex-Visiting consultant for a hospital for 03 years. ACADEMIC (PARTICIPATION AND CME) CERTIFICATES: Paediatric Regimens Better For Adults in Leukaemia. Breast Lumps Red Flag Symptoms. AHA: No Benefit to CABG, Mitral Valve Repair Combo. Advances In Management Of Dyslipidemia. ACADEMIC (ATTENDANCE ONLY) CERTIFICATES MND (Motor Neurone Disease) Certificate. Physician Associates Certificate. EXTRA CURRICULAR / NON ACADEMIC: Amateur Painter, Poet, Dancer, Debater Regional BasketBall Player. Certified in a few grades of Wu-Shu Kung-Fu. Summer camp Swimmer.

Mrs V Kaur

ACADEMICS (CHRONOLOGICALLY): Schooling: CBSE. Bachelors Science (BSc) Chemistry: MSU. Masters (MSc) Inorganic Chemistry: MSU. Thesis: “An Investigation On Fluorescence Quenching of Nano Particles of Parachloro Tetraphenylporphyrin [T(p-Cl)PP] and Zinc Parachloro Tetraphenylporphyrin [Zn-T(p-Cl)PP] using Colloidal Cadmium Sulphate (CdS)”. Ex Research Associate. Ex Scientist (Research). Attendee HPLC Seminar. NON ACADEMICs: Dancer Amateur Yoga Practice, Swimmer, Poet,